Create your life

You want to feel like yourself again. Enthusiastic, engaged, energized. You want to remember who you are and find your why. You want to be in love with your life. Together we will find your vision of your best life and create a path forward- taking action to make the life you want the life you have. Through this process you will find ever increasing clarity in your vision, clear away your obstacles, bring your light back out into the world, and begin to live the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

Ready to move forward? Now is the time. Until January 16th only (when I launch my new website), I am offering my coaching services at a “pay what you wish to invest in yourself” rate. I am making all of my new packages available at this self determined rate- listed below with my current (and quite low) full rates for reference. All sessions and packages paid for before the end of this offer will be scheduled beginning January 16. This is totally risk free- if you are unsatisfied at any point, I will refund your payment for all unused sessions.

How much do you spend each month to help your children find and explore their joys? It’s your turn. Give yourself the gift of custom designing your own life. Your children will reap the rewards of having a more euphoric, satisfied parent.

All multi-session packages include a free half-hour preview/planning session, so I can design a custom coaching plan to meet your needs.

Lightfinding- single session (45-60 minutes) A great opportunity to try coaching and focus on a single question/challenge or issue. We’ll get to the heart of what’s happening in that area of your life, allowing you to create a plan to move forward on your own. $75 (or choose your own rate on prepaid sessions until 1/16/12- $5 per session minimum, please)

Wayfinding- 4 session package (45-60 minutes per session, over 4-8 weeks) After your free 30 minute preview session, I will create a custom coaching plan for our 4 sessions- focused entirely on what is most important to you. At the end of our sessions you will also have a plan to continue on your own. $250 (or choose your own rate on this prepaid package until 1/16/12- $20 minimum, please)

Guided Expedition- 8 session package (45-60 minutes per session, over 8-16 weeks) Like the wayfinding package- but taking a deeper trek into your most euphoric and authentic life. $450 (or choose your own rate on this prepaid package until 1/16/12- $40 minimum, please)

I also offer a monthly payment option for a 12 session 3 or 6 month commitment. All include a customized plan as well as re-Vision after 6 sessions.  3 months of weekly sessions- $200/month.  6 months of bi-weekly sessions- $100/month.  If you have done coaching with me before or would like ongoing coaching, this is your best option! (or choose your own monthly rate on packages reserved by 1/16/12- which means you can extend your chosen rate for up to 6 months! $20/mo. minimum on 3 month plan, $10/mo. minimum on 6 month plan, please)

To book any of these packages or sessions, please email me at and I will get back to you within 48 hours (probably sooner) with the next step to take!

Thank you- and please share!


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