2012- The Year of Euphoria

Euphoria: a feeling of well-being or elation (Merriam-Webster)

Yep. That’s it. My defining word for 2012. My Word of the Year.

Why, you may ask? Because I think it’s high time we decide that feeling awesome is not only okay, it’s our birthright. Psychology defines much of our emotional spectrum as innapropriate and disordered, which makes me wonder- are we supposed to simply feel “okay” most of the time? I tend to think that if we simply feel “okay”- neutral, blank, mildly good or bad- while it’s certainly preferrential to suffering or misery, we could be doing so much better. That’s what life coaching is about. It’s about creating lives that are more than “okay”. And when at approximately 9pm on November 1, 2011 I was overcome with this profound sense of wellness, of being exactly my most content and joyous and authentic self, I realized that euphoria was the perfect word for it. My goal.

The funny thing is that euphoria doesn’t work as a goal. Euphoria just is. I’ve realized that when I’m being my truest, most honest, at my very essence self and when what I’m doing is in alignment with who I really am, with my deepest intentions and purpose- BAM- there it is. Euphoria. Considering that it is a goal of mine to live fully as myself and to my deepest purpose (and to help others do this as well) it seems to me that euphoria is an excellent reference point. Euphoria is when I know who I’m being and what I’m doing is my right life. I’m pretty sure it’s not just me either, because I’ve been surrounded by whole tribes full of people living elated lives and they seem to be experiencing the same thing.

In fact, I’m so in love with this concept that I’m creating my coaching practice around it. Later this month I’ll be launching Euphoria Life Design Studio (you can “like” my facebook page here) with a new website. And a newsletter. And a totally fun playful offering of crazy-ass self-love (yours, not mine…. that would just be weird….) And I’ll be moving my blogging there. And I’ll have a toolbox full of resources (eventually). And a guide to my services. Stay tuned.

I have other guiding words this year (selected through Laurie Foley’s awesome Planning Kitchen offering), as well as a guiding animal (inspired by the awesome book What the Walrus Knows by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, who has inspired me to reconnect with the meaning within my love of animals- and the ones that show up for me over and over again.). More on those in the coming weeks as I prep the new site!

I’d love to hear about your most recent or profound experience of euphoria in the comments. Has it been too long since you’ve been that awesome?

Until next week,


ps. I do prefer to write slightly meatier posts (though hopefully they aren’t dry or tough!) however I’m keeping to “light snacks” for the next few weeks. I am also making a truly awesome “pay what you wish to invest in yourself” coaching offer available until the launch of the new site. Check it out here. Much love and thanks….and please share the euphoria using the links below!


3 Comments to “2012- The Year of Euphoria”

  1. I just wrote about letting go of my fears – chief among them my fear of being happy. If I wrote of euphoria, I think my friends would have me locked up given my history of depression and negative thinking – they would assume that after decades of depression, I’ve finally flipped to manic! However, euphoric is how I’ve been most of the time since last June and as people have only commented on how much happier I seem, I guess I have managed to hide the euphoria under a blanket of calm joy.

    Sorry, I’ve been following your blog for a little while, but can’t remember how I found you – love your writing though 🙂

    • Hi Cally, good to have you here! Thank you so much, I’m very glad you enjoy reading here. I think you’re really onto something with that fear of being happy. I know that feeling. I can’t say it doesn’t still hit me sometimes, but just knowing that life really can be euphoric, that we can for the most part be really and truly WELL, thriving, is like a beacon.

  2. i have been in the position many times when my joy was resented and certain people would try to smack it down with negativity, as if i did not deserve to feel so good. imagine that! i am astounded sometimes. i learned eventually to just deflect it and feel really sorry for those that would do this as i feel it is rooted in their own unhappiness. i wonder if i should start pointing this out to them. choosing loving words would be absolutely essential.

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