Welcome to 2012. Thank you for 2011.

I wanted to start the year off with a huge thank you for reading and sticking with me throughout a crazy, wild, wonderful (even if inconsistently blogged) year. It’s been a year of HUGE accomplishments and changes, both inner and outer and I’m so glad you’ve been here with me, whether for the whole year or simply a single post.

I also would love to have you celebrate this exciting new year with me. So I have a few surprises coming- new website on 1/16, and until the launch, the best one-on-one coaching offer since last January’s free sessions. If you want to be first to know about everything, please click to subscribe by email over there on the right. If you’re on my email list, you’ll be moved over to the new site and will continue to get notification of my new posts in your email….plus you will be notified first of all my new offerings.

Everyone is asleep here, so I’m off to spend my last hour of 2011 in quiet reflection with a glass of something delicious and intoxicating. Kind of like 2012 will be.

Hope you’ll join me. Happy New Year!




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