The Gift of Nurture

This week’s gift is one that I know all of you amazing mamma’s out there give to others- generously, beautifully, wonderously- every single day of your existence. You are the goddesses of nurture. Holding your families in nearly every thought with love, concern, appreciation and understanding. Or at least that’s your intention and your touchstone- what you come back to even when life feels hectic, out of control, too much ….. and well, normal.

Nurture is also what we do. Giving hugs. Making meals. Showing our kids how- when they want to try something new or do what we can do. Patching up boo-boo’s with compassion, validation and a kiss. And being present with their heartaches… also, with compassion and validation. And knowing when a hug or a kiss won’t be helpful.

But we often do not nurture ourselves. We forget to do the things that make us feel loved and supported. We don’t keep ourselves in our loving, appreciative, understanding thoughts. Sure it feels wonderful to have someone else nurture you in some way- making a favorite meal, providing you with a clean bathtub and a warm towel, giving you a hug after you slip in the dog slobber on the tile floor and land hard- but we can provide ourselves with the same. (Okay, maybe not a hug, but a chance to rest or that hot bath after the last one…)

I challenge you to come up with a list of 3 ways you can nurture yourself this week, starting now. I have a friend who has filled a jar with pomegranate seeds, to be treasured at will. I like to do yoga or meditate outside. Or go to a beautiful natural spot and just breathe in the beauty. Take a walk, or a run. Just be alone. Nap. Borrow any of these, come up with your own and report back in the comments! For bonus points, tell me what you’ve appreciated about yourself today.

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4 Comments to “The Gift of Nurture”

  1. Believe it or not I love to shovel snow. I enjoy being outside in the winter and I love hard physical labor that makes me sweat. It gives me those coveted endorphins I crave. So I enjoyed that today. I nurture myself with something to drink. I know this sounds very mundane, but if I don’t stay hydrated I don’t function as well and I feel remarkably worse. Of late I’ve noticed how I harp on my children to get enough produce and hydration and forget myself…so I added that little tidbit to my list. Third, I take pictures. Sometimes I do something with those pictures, but most of the time I don’t. Taking the photo allows me to SEE with more intention and I LOVE that gift to myself. I love the artistry of photography. I love getting better at something.

    • Isn’t that funny how we give others the advice we most need ourselves? Probably how this whole blog series came about… (well, that and Laurie Foley’s Blog More Monthly). I love how you express your love of photography. Enjoy your snow!

  2. Thank you so much for this reminder and this invitation at this busy time of year. My three things? I will spend some time doing yoga this weekend, focusing on breath and ease (not pushing myself to work harder as I sometimes do in a pose). I will take a nap with my two year old son on Sunday afternoon. And I will close the kitchen this evening and order pizza for delivery!

    • Love it, Kristen! Pizza is one of my comfort foods, too. And you’ve inspired me to try some yoga focusing on breath and ease- had an injury last week that kept me off the mat, but it seems to be resolved and that just sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you enjoyed your nap!

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