Conscious Rest

The past six weeks or so have been filled with delights and horrors, large and small. From tiny moments of absolute bliss sitting on my front porch enjoying our beautiful southern early spring to the devestation in Japan, from delightful birthday celebrations with my girls to a day spent semi-conscious and in pain, hugging a bucket, from reunions with friends to more time than I like playing single parent. And just about everything in between. My personal lesson throughout these weeks has been this- rest. My body has done a particularly bang up job of imposing it on me when I’m not being aware enough to create it. My work right now is developing an awareness of my need for rest and the means to create the kind of rest my body and mind need- conscious rest.

So, how to cultivate this awareness and allow rest? And what exactly does it mean to rest consciously? I’m curious about what those of you reading do to create this space and awareness. Right now I’m exploring and playing with it. I don’t have specific answers other than a sort of undefined swirl going through my heart and mind at the moment. And so I’ll leave this here… and take a few hints from my cat.

Restfully yours,


2 Comments to “Conscious Rest”

  1. Oooooooooh, rest is one of my favorite things, too! (and I also have a black cat — one of six who all like to nap)….I rested/relaxed/meditated :30 minutes two times a day, AM and PM, for several years, and it was lovely — changed my relationship to myself and my world, as I was able to restore myself from within so luxuriously. Now I take at least one hour of quiet personal time in the morning. Sometimes two and a half hours (learned this from reading about Seikhs, who found that this time period facilitates harmony between conscious and unconscious mind — try it, it’s cool….Just lie there for 2.5 hours, sometimes I let myself jot things down in my journal a bit and also of course go to the bathroom, mostly, though, just watch my thoughts and emotions build up and dissipate, come and go….then calm down)….

    I started this when my daughter was small (she is now 17) and fiercely defended my personal time from her as a boundary-pushing toddler and then it passed and she learned to respect it. I felt I was doing a wonderful service for myself and all moms!

    • It’s so interesting what stillness can do for us, isn’t it?

      I’m curious about how you “fiercely defended” your personal time when your daughter was a toddler- I think I get what you mean, but the language feels stronger and more directive than what I’m imagining. The challenges of words without intonation and physical expression? I’ll admit that when my children were toddlers I had very little sense of my own needs and how to allow space for them, but now they seem to understand when I’m direct and empathetic about my needs and look for options that work for all of us- and present possibilities and am open to any options they come up with.

      Thanks for taking the time to write. I so appreciate the chance to communicate with those of you reading here!

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