If I had one wish

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“If I had one wish this holiday season…” – Steve Martin

 Okay, so I’ve now proven that I’m truly scarred by a lifetime of SNL viewing.  And my one wish has nothing to do with singing children, swiss bank accounts, all encompassing power, revenge or orgasms.  If I’ve lost you here, I can only hope to catch you up with a youtube clip

I have a holiday tradition of wrapping gifts while watching movies.  I love this time alone.  I love making my gifts look beautiful.  And I love holiday movies.  My favorite gift wrapping movies for the past few years have been Love Actually and The Holiday- because they are ones the rest of my family scoffs at as “chick flicks”, which results in them somehow being magically repelled from my presence for a couple of hours.  Brilliant.   

As I watched and wrapped this year, I noticed something I hadn’t consciously noticed in the past.  At some point in the story line, the characters are overtaken with the urge to do something unusual.  Something that’s out of character.  Something bold and daring.  Even something that everyone else thinks is completely nuts.  Or that actually is kind of insane.  And they don’t have the urge to do these things simply for the expected result.  They have the urge to do these things because they can’t *not* do them. 

 This is the magic in these holiday movies- watching the characters being overtaken with a completely illogical urge to follow their hearts.  They become unflinchingly honest.  They admit to their mistakes. They panic and nearly back out.  They say “What the hell am I doing?” then do it anyway.  You get the sense that the result is irrelevant.  They seem to be saying “Hey, this may work out, and it might not.  But the only thing worse than it not working out is not taking the chance”

 There really is something like magic in that feeling.  Just following your heart, or your inner being, or your essential self.  Just doing what feels perfectly right.  It might be a little crazy.  It might be a little scary.  Or it might be a lot of both.  But it feels absolutely and perfectly right. 

 That is my one wish this holiday season.  That everyone, myself included, live a life of heart inspired action.  To experience that wild-excited-scary feeling and to follow through, knowing that the thing much worse than an unexpected or unwanted result is to not have taken the leap of faith at all.  I wish this for individual moments, this season, and for the new year to come. 

 A somewhat belated happy holidays and a very, very happy new year to all.


2 Comments to “If I had one wish”

  1. Oh my. I feel such a kinship with you. I adore wrapping presents. I imagine your presents, however, ending up looking much more lovely than mine end up. I have not made it into modern times and I’m still beautifying with curling ribbon.

    I do have one rather cool tradition, however. My mother was a fabulous quilter while she was living and she left behind boxes and boxes of fabric. I gave tons of it away, and still was able to keep plenty. I’m a green wanna-be person and, instead of paper at present time, I’ve turned some of that fabric into our traditional wrapping. Now, in addition to lights and the tree we have Oma’s fabric to add to the season’s colors.

    I’ve never seen your two favorite movies but I’ve a hunch I’d love them. I hope you enjoyed your time alone.

    • Well, I don’t know, Rebecca. Are yarn pom-poms and wraps more modern than curling ribbon? The yarn did have sequins and glitter, in an understated way. And I do use curling ribbon. I actually bought the yarn when I couldn’t find green curling ribbon- and my red wasn’t really dark enough anyway. It’s awesome that you have your mother’s fabrics to use for wrappings. I tried fabric and it didn’t fly with the kids- so I still use paper. I’m getting a bit of a collection of decorated reusable gift boxes, however. I think when everyone’s older I’ll shift to those.

      And I’m honored to be a kindred spirit with you!

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